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  • !Please Read Carefully (1)

    Please check the FAQ sections and FAQ search facility for an answer to your question before submitting a ticket to customer support.

    If the question has already been answered in the FAQ you will not receive a response from our customer support team.

    If your question has not been answered and you do need to submit a ticket make sure you include
    i) the name of the product you purchased ,
    ii) the date you purchased and
    iii) the receipt number.
    Please also give a full description of the problems you are having.

    The more information you give us the quicker we will be able to resolve your issues.
  • How Do I Download /Where is my Download (2)

    If you have ordered from the Brainwave Entrainment Store website your downloads are available in your account and are not available from your confirmation email. Please log in to your brainwave entrainment store account to access the downloads.

    Downloading our MP3s to an Apple Device ( iPhone, iPad, iPod)
    You would need to either
    i) Download to a device such as a desktop or laptop computer, add to your iTunes folder and then load to your Apple device
    ii) Use an apple app such as "MP3 Music Downloader Free" that will allow you to download mp3s to your apple device without using iTunes

    Downloading our MP3s to an Android Device ( iPhone, iPad, iPod)
    There are many free apps available that will allow you to download an .mp3 to your android device

    How to Download to your PC or Mac using different browsers
    Please right click on the .mp3 link and select ‘save target as’ if using internet explorer (or 'copy link location' if using Firefox or 'save link as' in Google Chrome) to download to your PC
    If you are using a Mac press the “ctrl” key and then press click
  • Isochiral Music App (2)

    If you are having a problem with your isochiral music app or the subscription please contact Apple or Google Play directly.

    It may help if you delete the app and reinstall it.

    If you need to terminate your app subscription please contact either apple or google play depending on who you purchased from
  • Product Refunds & Subscription Cancellations (1)

    Please click on the link above for instructions on how to get a refund for your download or stop your app subscription
  • Questions (15)

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